Seattle on foot

I've been dreaming about Seattle for a long time. Something about the idea of a city built on coffee and books with plenty of rainy days for ideas to take root and grow just sounds like a writer's haven to me. So this February I decided it was finally time to see the city for myself. Being the penny-pinching, starving-artist, born-to-travel type that I am, I walked everywhere.


An Interview with Author Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller is the author of the 2012 Orange Prize willing novel, The Song of Achilles, a vivid retelling of the Trojan War of Greek mythology. Her short story "Galatea" was featured in a 2013 anthology of reimagined myths called xo Orpheus: Fifty New Myths and her next novel, Circe, is expected to be released in early 2018. (And I, for one, am absurdly excited.)

Recipe: Banana Bars with a Cream Cheese Nutella Swirl

I have always been a strong supporter of the banana-chocolate pairing. My go-to this-almost-counts-as-healthy snack is a bowl of sliced bananas and chocolate chips. And that's what my intention was this afternoon when I walked into the kitchen feeling a little peckish. Unfortunately, the bananas were a bit too ripe for my liking and I certainly wasn't patient enough to wait for a loaf of banana bread. My solution was this ooey-gooey, almost-chocolate, not-quite-healthy sheet cakey creation.

How to Survive a Hostel

That might be a bit dramatic. For the most part I've had really positive experiences int he hostels I've stayed in across Europe and (less extensively) in the US. Having said that, there are definitely some things that I have learned that I take into account before booking a hostel now.

My 5 favorites of Bangkok

In October I had a very last minute opportunity to go to Thailand to visit my friend, Sam, who is teaching in Bangkok right now. Thailand had never particularly been on my radar, but I had been getting restless and thought a little adventuring might just be the cure. Besides, when a round-trip flight to the opposite side of the globe costs less than it would to get from California to NYC, why wouldn't I go?

How Instagram Made Me Appreciate Day-to-Day Moments More

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. In many ways I think it’s training society to accept hearsay as fact, lowering an entire generation’s self-esteem, making it harder to connect and communicate in person, and leading us to dwindle away our time. But that is a rant for another blog and another day. Instead, today I want share some happy thoughts about Instagram and how it led me to view my surroundings in a whole new way.

Study Abroad Pros And Cons – Considering the Cons Too

Yesterday I talked about the benefits of studying abroad and, as promised, today I’m back with the other half of that list – the drawbacks that maybe you haven’t considered. But no one wants to start on a negative note, especially not for something as exciting and life changing as studying abroad, so I highly encourage you to check out yesterday’s post before diving into this one.

Study Abroad Pros and Cons – Starting with the Pros

If you’ve spent any time poking around my blog, you might know that my love of travel was fostered early in life by family vacations, but really took hold when I studied abroad. As with any major life decision, there are lots of pros and cons to studying abroad – and it’s not right for everyone – but I still encourage everyone who asks to give it a chance. While I intended for this post to be short and sweet, it turns out I had a lot more to say than I realized (what’s new?), so I’ve broken my pros and cons list into two posts. Today let’s just start with the positive and tomorrow I’ll be back with the cons.