I thought I had life all figured out – as though it would stick to some neat and tidy checklist. I knew exactly what career I wanted and had a decent idea of how to get there. I’d be satisfied with a good book in one hand and a nice, steaming hot cocoa in the other.

But then I started traveling and very quickly I figured out that I really didn’t have it all figured out.

I started college with my eyes on the prize: working as a literary agent in New York City. And it certainly seemed like I was well on my way. During college I worked as an Associate Editor of a book review agency, writing weekly articles on the literary industry and interviewing authors like Joe Hill and Joanne Harris. I had several internships, including one with a Sacramento based nonfiction literary journal and one with an NYC based literary agent (perfect, right?). I also was a staff writer for a local newspaper for nearly two years.

But my second to last semester changed my perspective drastically when I spent four months studying at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England. During my time abroad I was able to squeeze in a visit to seven other European countries (France, Scotland, Poland, Greece, Holland, Belgium, and Germany). I learned to appreciate culture more and the history, language, and cuisine that came with each.

When I returned home a few things immediately became apparent. A career in NYC had lost some of it’s appeal while I was away and I had a bad case of the travel bug (it’s contagious, by the way, fair warning). It became more of a priority to see the world, including my home state of California, which remained largely unexplored to me.

Since then the crowning jewel of my travels has been a three week long adventure in Thailand and I have made a point to take more daycations and weekend trips.

My love of reading and writing is, of course, along for the ride. I’m writing for my local newspaper again. I started freelance writing when I graduated college and my blogging endeavors occupy me between assignments.

Speaking of freelancing – what can I say? I get sidetracked – I’m always looking for new clients. If you’re looking for a writer, shoot me a message at anothersidetrackedlife@gmail.com!

This blog chronicles all the twists and turns my life has taken and – no doubt – will continue to take. Get ready for some travel, books, food, and whatever else catches my attention along the way. I’m happy to have you along for the ride!